Introducing Warehouse Decay Recordings

March 12, 2013

Warehouse Decay Recordings began in late 2012 when artist Harry Towell needed somewhere in which to release a short set of tracks. He also runs ambient netlabel Audio Gourmet and the Tessellate Recordings label but neither were suitable for his beat-driven material.
So he decided to set up Warehouse Decay Recordings as a portal for experimental works within the Deep House, Techno, dub and minimal fields, which he co-curates with Bartosz Dziadosz (Klapper Voight, Pleq)

The first release on the label came out in October 2012, a 4 track EP of funk and jazz infected Deep House under Harry’s Magnofon pseudonym. Like all future releases, this was made available through digital distributor Juno.

Whilst initially starting off purely as a home for Harry’s work, he has decided to expand and release the work of other artists with Bartosz’ help curating the releases.

Work on future EPs and albums is currently in progress – fans of the ambient/experimental scene can expect to see more of their favourite artists operate in different modes as well as work by already established artists within the house and techno sub-genres.

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