Ajott is Erfurt, Germany based minimal/deep Techno artist Christian Hoche, who also records under his own name.
He has been working towards his debut release after many years spent honing his craft and we are pleased to be able to present his first body of work, the ‘Homeward EP’.


WDR014 – Homeward EP



Tom Mosler is a Polish electronic producer and sound designer currently residing in the United Kingdom. He has been interested in electronic music since the 1990′s and has been recording himself under various guises for over a decade.

Tom’s DJing has seen him play in many Polish cities including Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lublin, Szczecin and he also put on his own nights in Koszalin. In 2006 Tom began to focus on his own productions and live performances and the following year he started his own label Kicksomatic as a platform to release both his own music and material from his friends. His sound is rooted in minimal, dancefloor focussed Techno.


WDR012 – Recall EP


Dustcraft is Detroit native Michael Cottone who also records Ambient music as The Green Kingdom. His work as The Green Kingdom has always been something of a retreat from the hectic nature and pressures of daily life. This new project was created as an outlet for Mike to experiment with beats-based Deep House material and it adopts a little something of Detroit city lifestyle. We are proud to present EP1, the debut release under this banner. 

WDR011 – EP1




TwelveTen is UK based producer Tom Hughes, a former Muzik Magazine Bedroom Bedlam runner-up. He began DJing during the nineties culminating in regular successful nights in and around Leeds, Chester and Liverpool, UK before problems with Tinnitus meant he had to take a sidestep from DJing. Tom has spent the last decade focusing on his career, whilst devoting any spare time to honing his production work as TwelveTen. Through years dedicated to dance music, Tom has seen his styles develop from heavier styles to the more progressive sounds (a la John Digweed). Whilst living in Leeds he became a regular at Basics, which got him into the Deep House scene and he has been hooked ever since.

The TwelveTen studio sound is rooted in Deep and Tech House, with his debut Haze EP serving as the perfect introduction.


WDR009 – Haze EP

HOXIUNHoxiun Photo

Hailing from Portugal, Tiago Espiga emerges from his previous experimental TecDecJec project with a new dance music pseudonym. As Hoxiun he is now striving to continue where he left off with the addition of new sonorities from genres as diverse as Techno, Minimal, Deep House and Garage.

Tiago descends from a family of musicians and was exposed to an early influence of several types of music including Bossa Nova, Jazz, Rock and even Metal. Before long, he had discovered the electronic side of modern music and with the influence of bands like Underworld, Massive Attack and The Prodigy, Tiago began his path into the contemporary electronic music world.


WDR008 – Rise EP



A detour from the ambient music made under his own name, Dokun is the Techno project of Darren McClure. Darren is currently based in Japan and the name Dokun is a Japanese word used to describe the sound of a heartbeat. Although this project is primarily focused on beats and grooves, it is also informed by the attention to sound design that occurs in his more abstract, ambient work.
Darren has previously released music on a number of labels, specializing in experimental, ambient and field recording-based sounds.

WDR007 – Time Out EP


Fau is a Warsaw based producer and DJ, member of the Mustnotsleep DJ collective and promoter at Music of the Future (intelligent electronic party cycle). His natural environment is deep bass, all kinds of clicks and other unidentifiable sounds. His roots belong to abstract rap and trip hop music however, he now finds himself at home combining genres such as Techno,  Bass and Ambient. Apart from his solo productions, he also takes part in a collaboration project with another Warsaw producer called Deam (as Fau&Deam). Their joint album entitled “Life Act” has been released by American label Dubporn Records (currently Loveless Records). Until now, Fau’s tracks have been released by labels such as: Subtopia Records, Apparition Recordings and Dubporn Records. The forthcoming Keta EP on Warehouse Decay is the result of his latest random sound combinations.

WDR006 – Keta EP



Louper is Tim Diagram, who has made waves in the electro-ambient music scene since 2001,
this new project is an upward shift from his usual output as Maps and Diagrams and his many
other guises. Tim has released over 15 albums, both as solo work and collaborations.

Under the Louper moniker, Tim’s first is the self-titled ‘Louper’ EP out on Warehouse Decay Recordings. It focuses on a straight 4X4 structure with a musical nod to the classic sound of Acid House and Detroit Techno scene in which he was absorbed in during the early 90’s. Tim adds a twisted perspective to the EP with stuttered percussion on the two tracks “Idem” and “Tinder” which are nicely balanced with the layered, more dense sounds of “Loma” and “Suber”.


WDR004 – Louper EP


Stuart has been a musician for 20 years and a DJ for 12 of those. His DJ sets are as diverse as his musical output, which has spanned from grindcore and punk to ambient and techno. Stuart co-ran the Telephasic parties in Southend 2006-8, and has played at many diverse venues across the UK, including Cafe Oto, The Vortex, Union Chapel, Southend Library, St.Pancras Church, Cafe 1001, The Vibe Bar, Sun Rooms, Cosmic Puffin Festival, Waveform Festival and Tate Britain. He has also hosted several radio shows including Rise FM (2005-7) and Radio Nova Lujon (2012 – present).

Stuart has been releasing music since 2007 through his two musical projects, Hybernation
(ambient / experimental) and USRNM (tech house / techno) and 2013 will see a new EP in
the spring (Warehosue Decay) and full length album released in the summer (Rednetic).


WDR003 – Let’s ♥ Everything EP



Klapper Voight is a fictional character invented by Warsaw, Poland based artist Bartosz Dziadosz as an outlet for minimal, glitch and techno experiments. He is perhaps best renowned for his work as Pleq in the ambient and modern classical fields but under his new Klapper Voight moniker, he joins Warehouse Decay as co-curator. Bartosz has been DJing for several years and in his sets you can expect to hear anything from IDM and Deep Dubstep to Post Rock and other genres.

Klapper’s debut release will be out soon on Warehouse Decay Recordings…

Coming soon…



Devroka is a new side-project for producer Devin Underwood, who normally records ambient music as Specta Ciera. He has previously had independent success on Attacknine Records working with beat-driven music as part of the band Drexon Field and his Specta Ciera project has graced labels such as I, Absentee, Secret Station and Audio
Gourmet. Devin sees his new Devroka project as a chance to re-visit many of the musical styles he grew up with and first drew inspiration from. It will serve as a beat-based alternative for his sound experiments, focussing on old-school synth styles. The first Devroka EP will be released on Warehouse Decay Recordings in 2013


WDR002 – For The Flow EP


Magnofon is British producer Harry Towell, who also runs the Warehouse Decay Recordings imprint. Harry has over a decade of music-making experience, also recording ambient music as Spheruleus and running the Audio Gourmet and Tessellate labels. He got into House music whilst in his teens, building a collection of vinyl and eventually playing out in bars and clubs. His time spent as a DJ peaked around 2007 when he played alongside the likes of Fred Everything, Nathan Coles, Inland Knights, JT Donaldson, The Littlemen, Da Sunlounge and DIY. Shortly after, a change in circumstances meant that DJing had to be sidelined and that is when he began to create ambient music.
In 2012 he started recording House music again after being reunited with his record collection which had previously been kept in storage. Later in the year, his debut ‘Connection EP’ became the inaugral release on Warehouse Decay Recordings.

WDR001 – Connection EP
WDR005 – Lost Property EP
WDR010 – Fallowfall
WDR013 – Smallroom Breaks

Magnofon digital charts
Magnofon vinyl charts

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