Magnofon 5

For the fourth Warehouse Decay Session in as many months, we welcome back Magnofon who returns with a mammoth 2 hour mix to coincide with his new album ‘Fallowfall’.

The mix begins with an assortment of seriously deep cuts from artists such as Rick Wade, Alex Danilov and Moomin. On the hour things start to bump a bit more with Garage influence House cuts from the likes of James Johnston, Dog Days and Wandoe before the mix draws to a close through minimal and Techno sounds of Steven Tang, Lee Guthrie and Rene Breitbarth.
To conclude, Magnofon drops a downtempo cut by Dustmotes to chill things out and end the show on a relaxed note.

During the show, tracks from WDR releases new and forthcoming are included, such as TwelveTen’s ‘Haze’ and Tronikform’s forthcoming ‘Patterns’. Also, ‘Dustmood’ and ‘Downcast’ from Magnofon’s new album Fallowfall are included. You can check out his debut album here:

To check out the mix, click the image above, or HERE

Wherever available, a direct link to listen/buy each release on Juno has been provided

01   Kai Alce – Smoov Bumps [Deep Explorer] 2009
02   Magnofon – Downcast [Warehouse Decay] 2013
03   Moomin – You Neva Know [Closer] 2013
04   Youandewan – You Don’t [Simple] 2013
05   Dave Aju – Love Tap [Room With A View] 2013
06   Rio Padice – Urania [Rawax] 2012
07   Flori – Dusty Socks [Aim] 2013
08   Alex Danilov – Pool [Pro-Tez] 2011
09   Rick Wade – Sexy Rostov [Shanti] 2011
10   Hans Thalau – 013 1 [Thal Communications] 2013
11   TwelveTen – Haze [Warehouse Decay] 2013
12   Ray Okpara – Blues Me Blues (Instrumental) [Mobilee] 2011
13   Martijn – Chasing Chords [Left Wing] 2013
14   Dan Drastic & Sven Tasnadi – Wrong Answer [Moon Harbour] 2013
15   Magnofon – Dustmood [Warehouse Decay] 2013
16   Wandoe – Going [Something Else]
17   Sek – Don’t You Dare [Lost My Dog] 2013
18   ManooZ & Timmy P – Feel [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid] 2013
19   Jackmaster K – Get Up (James Johnston Remix) [Made Fresh Daily] 2013
20   Dog Days – Wet My Beak [Assembly] 2013
21   Tuccillo – Asssolo [Isgud] 2013
22   Rene Breitbarth – Diver [Deep Data] 2013
23   Sek – Nasty Luv (Tom Ellis Remix) [Trazable] 2012
24   Tronikform – Patterns [Warehouse Decay]  2013
25   Steven Tang – Disconnect To Connect [Smallville] 2013
26   Alex Salvador – Dedication [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid] 2013
27   Lee Guthrie – Save Some For Me [Evasive] 2013
28   Amir Alexander – Mystical Eroticism [Argot] 2012
29   Dustmotes – Vancouver [Dusted Wax] 2013

WDR010 Magnofon – Fallowfall

September 16, 2013

1 Cover


At long last, we are proud to unveil our very first album release which comes courtesy of Magnofon. ‘Fallowfall’ is a concept album inspired by decay, crumbling buildings and economic downturn with Magnofon exploring experimental sound art falling loosely within the Deep House, Minimal, Techno and Downtempo genres. Each track is accompanied by bonus artwork, most of which was kindly provided by photographer Simon James

You can stream the album in full on Bandcamp which is the only place that you’ll be able to get the bonus images. Or, if you prefer, there is Juno and Junodownload too

Magnofon began writing experimental Deep House and minimal dance music in 2012, with two EP releases on Warehouse Decay Recordings already under his belt. With an extremely diverse taste in music from Deep House through to Ambient, Fallowfall sees Harry Towell steer his Magnofon project in a direction which somehow draws from all of these.

Inspired by abandoned spaces, urban decay and economic downturn Fallowfall is a tapestry of detailed sound that falls loosely into a Deep House aesthetic. It incorporates elements of his wide musical influences from minimal and Detroit Techno, Downtempo and Jazz to Ambient and Musique Concrete. A sense of fragility permeates the record as themes of abandoned buildings and desolate landscapes creep into view.

Those familiar with Magnofon’s material will notice a slight change from the dancefloor-focused rhythms of his Connection and Lost Property EPs. Fallowfall incorporates a wider tempo range accompanied with tape delay effects, sampled vinyl, forgotten radio broadcasts, beats made from field recordings and sampled acoustic instruments. There is a vintage crumbling and disjointed feel throughout the pieces which are pitched more towards the listener than the DJ.

The cover artwork is provided by Simon James, a regular photographic collaborator with Warehouse Decay and the Bandcamp version comes with a bonus image for each of the individual tracks.

Magnofon on Soundcloud:

WDR on Irregular Crates

September 7, 2013


There’s a brand new blog that went up last week called Irregular Crates. We’ll be working closely with them sending advance promo copies of all our releases. The blog covers all styles of experimental music from Ambient, Folk and Jazz through to Trip Hop, Deep House and Techno – you can experience this extremely wide taste in just one podcast by clicking the picture above. 

In the very first episode, Irregular Crates have included ‘Gone’ from the forthcoming album ‘Fallowfall’ by Magnofon (out 16th of September) and also, ‘Haze’ by TwelveTen. There’s some seriously good House music that follows too so we recommend you leave it playing after you’ve heard the WDR inclusions…

TwelveTen in Andy Ward mix

September 7, 2013

DJ Andy Ward

The support for the latest WDR EP ‘Haze’ by TwelveTen continues to come in, as Andy Ward includes Haze in his three hour radio show mix. It lines up alongside a wide variety of deep, soulful, Chicago inspired sounds coming in towards the end at 2:43:43