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March 15, 2015

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It seems like forever since we released a record so we’ve decided to get something special out the door. Coming soon, we welcome the return of Magnofon with his sophomore album ‘Smallroom Breaks‘, a record which is heavily influenced by vinyl, double espresso and small music venues. With layer upon layer of jazz and funk samples, vintage 909 beats and warm rhodes and a highly limited edition run of 50 vinyl-style CDs we’re proud to present this beautiful package, coming soon… For now, we present you a 10 minute preview of the album:

Press release:
Coming back to Warehouse Decay with his second album, we welcome the return of Magnofon and this set of 10 funk and jazz sample-drenched Deep House cuts.
After quite a while since our last release, we’ve decided to press our first limited edition CD in a run of just 50 copies, complete with a free digital version for every purchase.

‘Smallroom Breaks’ was created at a time when Harry Towell began to collect Jazz and Funk influenced vinyl in preparation for a possible new night in a coffee shop. At that time, he was building a library of cut-up vinyl samples: guitar licks, searing strings, rhodes keys, funk breaks and brass stabs – not to mention drinking an unhealthy amount of espresso. After months of experimentation it turned out that the gig never materialised due to the room being deemed too small. Thus, Smallroom Breaks was born…

Harry continued to build and develop his library of recordings and was arranging them into a collection of seriously slow Deep House cuts influenced by the likes of Moomin, Max Graef and Theo Parrish.
With both Magnofon’s studio sound and DJ work being heavily influenced by vinyl, we decided to press this to black vinyl-style CDs complete with matt-white sleeves and stunning monochrome artwork by Milan Ocenas. Limited to 50 copies…

Magnofon on the web:

Catalog: WDR013
Release date: TBA
Written and produced by Harry Towell
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Artwork by Milan Ocenas

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