New WDR artist – Devroka

March 19, 2013


Behind the scenes we’ve been working hard on organising future EPs on Warehouse Decay, the next of which will be by Devroka. Within the next week or so we should have Soundcloud previews ready so you can get a taste for his work. In the meantime, we have added his bio to the artists section of our website:

“Devroka is a new side-project for producer Devin Underwood, who normally records ambient music as Specta Ciera. He has previously had independent success on Attacknine Records working with beat-driven music as part of the band Drexon Field and his Specta Ciera project
has graced labels such as I, Absentee, Secret Station and Audio Gourmet. Devin sees his new Devroka project as a chance to re-visit many of the musical styles he grew up with and first drew inspiration from. It will serve as a beat-based alternative for his sound experiments, focussing on old-school synth styles. The first Devroka EP will be released on Warehouse Decay Recordings in 2013”

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