New WDR artist: Klapper Voight

March 23, 2013

Klapper full

At last we can introduce you to our co-curator Bartosz Dziadosz who records minimal/glitch/techno as Klapper Voight. He is currently working on an EP for Warehouse Decay which will be out soon. For now, we have added his biography to the artist page:

“Klapper Voight is a fictional character invented by Warsaw, Poland based artist Bartosz Dziadosz as an outlet for minimal, glitch and techno experiments. He is perhaps best renowned for his work as Pleq in the ambient and modern classical fields but under his new Klapper Voight moniker, he joins Warehouse Decay as co-curator. Bartosz has been DJing for several years and in his sets you can expect to hear anything from IDM and Deep Dubstep to Post Rock and other genres.”

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