New artist – USRNM

April 14, 2013

We’re currently working with a host of talented artists on future releases for Warehouse Decay. One such is Stuart Bowditch under his USRNM moniker with an EP called ‘Let’s ♥ Everything’, which will be out on 22nd April.

We’ve got a preview uploaded to our new Soundcloud page for you, so that you can listen to his work as the release date draws near. It will be available through Juno and Bandcamp

“USRNM (pronounced Username) is the latest project by sound artist and musician Stuart Bowditch. Where as his previous works have been focused on the real world, responding to location, local communities and the sounds of everyday objects, USRNM delves into the virtual world of the internet, technology and machines for its inspiration.

The three tracks that make up the Let’s ♥ Everything EP are constructed from alluring, warm and shiny sounds and have a depth and hypnotic nature that draws you in. But they also reflect the comfort and familiarity of the internet, the ubiquitous ‘heart’ icon and question why everything has to be ‘liked’ to give it acceptance. Are we desensitising the emotion of love, losing sight of what we are really drawn to? How can everyone love everything, or do we just love something until it disappears from the bottom of the screen? And does every single thought, notion or idea need approval from someone else?”

2013 – USRNM – Let’s ♥ Everything [Warehouse Decay Recordings] (Coming soon)
2013 – USRNM – Captcha [Rednetic Recordings] (Coming soon)
2013 – Weirdgear – Daytona 87 (USRNM’s Shelby Z Remix) [MMR]
2012 – USRNM – Instant Message EP [Photogram Recordings]
2011 – CYAN341 – Disconnected (Discorrected by USRNM) [Uncharted Audio]

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