New artist – Louper

May 5, 2013


We have another new artist on-board, in the form of Tim Diagram’s new Louper moniker. Tim will be familiar to the electro/acoustic ambient music scene, recording as Maps and Diagrams and under various other names. His debut as Louper looks back on the Acid House and Detroit Techno scene.

The eponymous Louper EP will be released on Warehouse Decay Recordings on Monday 13th of May through Juno and Bandcamp. A preview of the EP has been uploaded to our Soundcloud account for your perusal:

Louper is Tim Diagram, who has made waves in the electro-ambient music scene since 2001, this new project is an upward shift from his usual output as Maps and Diagrams and his many other guises. Tim has released over 15 albums, both as solo work and collaborations.

For this WDR release self-titled “Louper” Tim focuses on a straight 4X4 structure with a musical nod to the classic sound of Acid House and Detroit Techno scene in which he was absorbed in during the early 90’s. Tim adds a twisted perspective to the EP with stuttered percussion on the two tracks “Idem” and “Tinder” which are nicely balanced with the layered, more dense sounds of “Loma” and “Suber”.

For more information on Tim’s projects, visit

Catalog: WDR004
Written and produced by Tim Diagram
Photography by Simon James

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