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May 19, 2013

We’ve got WDR005 lined-up already – which sees the return of Magnofon, who provided our very first release. ‘Lost Property’ will be available on Monday 27th of May in which Magnofon explores even deeper territory, inspired by the Detroit sound and hinting at Tech-House and Techno in places. You can listen to a preview of the EP here:

The EP is cued up for release on Juno already – you can check out the samples here too or sign up for an email alert on release day: CLICK HERE

“WDR005 sees the return of Magnofon, with a conceptual EP that sits perfectly in line with the theme that underpins the label.
Lost Property marks a progression from the sound which featured in his previous ‘Connection’; this time the sound goes deeper, reflecting the artist’s fascination with abandoned buildings and urban decay. The theme carries through via the track titles all the while reinforced by the striking cover artwork, taken by Simon James at the abandoned site of RAF Upwood.
With the concept and a generous five tracks clocking in at over 34 minutes, you could even classify this latest Magnofon record as a mini album.

Magnofon is British producer Harry Towell who has over a decade of music-making experience. He also records ambient music as Spheruleus and as well as Warehouse Decay, he runs the Audio Gourmet and Tessellate labels. He got into House music whilst in his teens, building a collection of vinyl and eventually playing out in bars and clubs. His time spent as a DJ peaked around 2007 when he played alongside the likes of Fred Everything, Nathan Coles, Inland Knights, JT Donaldson, The Littlemen, Da Sunlounge and DIY. Shortly after, a change in circumstances meant that DJing had to be sidelined and that is when he began to create ambient music.
In 2012 he started recording House music again after being reunited with his record collection which had previously been kept in storage. Later in the year, his debut ‘Connection EP’ became the inaugral release on Warehouse Decay Recordings.”

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Catalog: WDR005
Written and produced by H. Towell
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Photo by Simon James
Artwork by H. Towell

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