WDR Sampler

June 1, 2013

wdr sampler

We have been working with our artists towards compiling a label sampler album, showcasing  current and as yet unreleased material from Warehouse Decay. The sampler is intended as an introduction to both the work of the artists included and the wide ranging styles of House and Techno we release on the label.

We had always intended for this compilation album to be given away for free via our Bandcamp account. The sampler was also made into a small run of 50 copies, given away by Magnofon at his recent gig in Stamford, UK. There were 10 copies left so we have decided to make these available for a small price. Click on the link below to stream/download or order the limited edition CD:

Many thanks go out to Mike, Tony, Andrew, Colm, Devin, James, Tim, Darren, Mateusz, Stuart and Bartosz for their contributions to this project

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