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June 10, 2013

Foto by Hvrst

After returning with the familiar name of Magnofon for our last release, we are pleased to welcome yet another new name to our catalog. On the 26th of June, Fau will be releasing his debut solo EP with us; a set of three excellent Techno tracks. A preview of the forthcoming ‘Keta EP’ has been uploaded to our Soundcloud account, which you can listen to via the player embedded below:

Press release:
Warsaw producer Fau, well-known in some music circles for his DJ collective Mustnotsleep and producer duet Fau&Deam, was until now mainly associated with future-bass DJ sets and productions. His first solo EP is therefore quite surprising – the material included is 100% Techno, bringing to mind the type of aesthetics you’d associate with the likes of Sandwell District, Frozen Border or Horizontal Ground.

The EP opens with the strict, severe and dark ‘Keta’. Its climate (basement filled up with smoke, 5 am…) may be comparable either to the classic System 01 ‘Drugs Work’ or Dario Zenker’s productions on previously mentioned Frozen Border.

The next track ‘Disorder’ basically sounds just as if it were created by Function or Sleeparchive – however, what is really significant is that nothing further can be said concerning the copying of someone else’s ideas. What will strike your attention is how graceful and tactful the reference to their works is.

The last one, almost 10 minutes in length is ‘Flying Mannequin’ undoubtedly possessing the biggest club potential, which will perfectly match the so-called peak-time.

What is more, all 3 tracks are based on a very high level of vocal sample usage. The best example of this effect is shown in “Disorder”, where the shredded voice of Hvrst stays in the head for a long time after listening to this tune.
“Keta” EP will emerge on the music market on the 26th of June through the support of British label Warehouse Decay Recordings.

Fau is a Warsaw based producer and DJ, member of the Mustnotsleep DJ collective and promoter at Music of the Future (intelligent electronic party cycle). His natural environment is deep bass, all kinds of clicks and other unidentifiable sounds. His roots belong to abstract rap and trip hop music however, he now finds himself at home combining genres such as Techno,  Bass and Ambient. Apart from his solo productions, he also takes part in a collaboration project with another Warsaw producer called Deam (as Fau&Deam). Their joint album entitled “Life Act” has been released by American label Dubporn Records (currently Loveless Records). Until now, Fau’s tracks have been released by labels such as: Subtopia Records, Apparition Recordings and Dubporn Records. The forthcoming Keta EP on Warehouse Decay is the result of his latest random sound combinations.

Fau on the net:
SOUNDCLOUD: @fauunfau
Promos – Email

Release date: 26th of June 2013
Catalog: WDR006
Written and produced by M. Szmigiero
Mastered by Concrete Cut Studio –
Photo by Hvrst –
Artwork by

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