New artist – Dokun

July 1, 2013


With WDR007 scheduled for release on Monday 8th July, we’re pleased to unveil another new artist for our ever-growing label. Japan based artist Darren McClure presents ‘Time Out’, a collection of minimal beat-driven experiments under his new Dokun alias. Today we have uploaded a preview to Soundcloud so that you can check out samples. Click the embedded player below to hear it:

Press release:
A detour from the ambient music made under his own name, Dokun is the Techno project of Darren McClure. Darren is currently based in Japan and the name Dokun is a Japanese word used to describe the sound of a heartbeat. Although this project is primarily focused on beats and grooves, it is also informed by the attention to sound design that occurs in his more abstract, ambient work.

Darren has previously released music on a number of labels, specializing in experimental, ambient and field recording-based sounds. With his debut as Dokun, the four tracks that comprise Time Out explore a wide range of textures. Title track ‘Time Out’ begins the EP on a deep, minimal note before the energetic ‘Juxta’ moves things on towards the dance floor. Third track ‘Iris’ returns to minimal territory before ‘Tanom’ draws the EP to a close with twisted wobbling Techno.

Dokun on the net:
Promos – Email

Release date 8th July 2013
Written and produced by D. McClure
Photography by D. McClure
Artwork by H. Towell


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