Warehouse Decay Sessions #2: Dokun

July 12, 2013

The next of the new Warehouse Decay Sessions mixes comes courtesy of our latest artist Dokun. Japan based sound artist Darren McClure’s ‘Time Out EP’ was released on Warehouse Decay this week, showcasing the results of his ‘time out’ of creating ambient music. The EP covers a wide range of detail covering abstract minimal Techno, Ambient Techno and Acid House.

To check out the mix, click the image above, or HERE

We invited Darren to contribute a mix for our new series requesting the inclusion of at least one WDR track. Well, he has gone several steps further and provided a session comprised solely of Warehouse Decay material!
It includes the sorts of minimal Techno sound you’ll hear in his EP, with tracks from Fau’s Keta EP and the forthcoming EP by Hoxiun joined by moments from ‘Time Out’. Interspersed are deeper tracks such as Magnofon’s remix on Devroka’s Up & Rising and sampler tracks by Andrew Hosey and Colm Brophy.

*Wherever available, a direct link to listen/buy each release on Juno has been provided

01 Dokun – Time Out [Warehouse Decay]
02 Klapper Voight – Blanket Girl [Warehouse Decay]
03 Andrew Hosey – The Deeper Groove [Warehouse Decay]
04 Dokun – Iris [Warehouse Decay]
05 Magnofon – Lost Property [Warehouse Decay]
06 Devroka – Up & Rising (Magnofon Remix) [Warehouse Decay]
07 USRNM – Like, Click [Warehouse Decay]
08 Hoxiun – Lock [Warehouse Decay]
09 Fau – Keta [Warehouse Decay]
10 Colm Brophy – Love With Me [Warehouse Decay]
11 Hoxiun – Apus [Warehouse Decay]
12 Fau – Flying Mannequin [Warehouse Decay]

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