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July 13, 2013

Hoxiun Photo

Our ever-growing international line-up now reaches Portugal, with Tiago Espiga’s new Hoxiun project. Whilst we cover many different styles of House and Techno, Hoxiun’s ‘Rise EP’ marks the third consecutive release that features darker, minimal sounds. It is released on Monday 22nd July but in the meantime, we thought we’d introduce Tiago and his EP.
Click ‘play’ on the embedded Soundcloud player below to check it out:

Press release:
Hailing from Portugal, Tiago Espiga emerges from his previous experimental TecDecJec project with a new dance music pseudonym. As Hoxiun he is now striving to continue where he left off with the addition of new sonorities from genres as diverse as Techno, Minimal, Deep House and Garage.

The three tracks that make up the Rise EP offer a dark blend of Techno littered with intelligently programmed rhythm and detail.

Due to his family’s musical influences, Tiago leaned to play many different musical instruments as well as following many years of musical education. Although he had no specific musical training, from an early age Tiago started to interact with various music production software.

Tiago descends from a family of musicians and was exposed to an early influence of several types of music including Bossa Nova, Jazz, Rock and even Metal. Before long, he had discovered the electronic side of modern music and with the influence of bands like Underworld, Massive Attack and The Prodigy, Tiago began his path into the contemporary electronic music world.

Whilst sounding worlds apart from the individual musical influences Tiago cites, they are clearly embedded within his Rise EP for all to hear. The minimal nature of present-day electronica combines seamlessly with deconstructed Bossa Nova percussion drawn together under a dark veil.

Hoxiun on the net:
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Release date 22nd July 2013
Written and produced by T.Espiga
Photography by Simon James
Artwork by H.Towell

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