New artist: TwelveTen

July 26, 2013


The next new artist to join our growing catalog is former Bedroom Bedlam runner-up Tom Hughes, under his new alias TwelveTen. The two track ‘Haze’ EP broadens our range of styles to Deep/Tech House. It will be released on Monday 12th August but for now, you can read more below and check out some samples:

Press release:
‘Haze’ sees Muzik Magazine’s former Bedroom Bedlam runner-up Tom Hughes turn in his debut EP as TwelveTen. He began DJing during the nineties culminating in regular successful nights in and around Leeds, Chester and Liverpool, UK before problems with Tinnitus meant he had to take a sidestep from DJing. Tom has spent the last decade focusing on his career, whilst devoting any spare time to honing his production work as TwelveTen. Through years dedicated to dance music, Tom has seen his styles develop from heavier styles to the more progressive sounds (a la John Digweed). Whilst living in Leeds he became a regular at Basics, which got him into the Deep House scene and he has been hooked ever since.

The TwelveTen studio sound is rooted in Deep and Tech House, with the Haze EP serving as the perfect introduction. The title track is a dubby number with deep pads, vocal hooks and a looping percussive rhythm. ‘Physical Focus’ is a little more melodic with its warm arrangement of organ stabs, whilst further expanding the themes laid out in ‘Haze’.

TwelveTen on the net:

Release date 12th August 2013
Written and produced by D.T.Hughes
Mastered by Rob Small
Photography by Simon James
Artwork by H.Towell

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