New artist: Tom Mosler

July 24, 2014



After some warm, deep summer House music we’re now set to release our second EP of the year in the form of the minimal Techno sound of Tom Mosler. Tom’s Recall EP will be released on WDR on Wednesday 6th of August. You can find out more and listen to a sample below:

Press release:
‘Patterns’ is a three track EP for Warehouse Decay from Tom Mosler which is rooted in minimal, dancefloor focussed Techno.

Tom Mosler is a Polish electronic producer and sound designer currently residing in the United Kingdom. He has been interested in electronic music since the 1990’s and has been recording himself under various guises for over a decade.

Tom’s DJing has seen him play in many Polish cities including Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lublin, Szczecin and he also put on his own nights in Koszalin. In 2006 Tom began to focus on his own productions and live performances and the following year he started his own label Kicksomatic as a platform to release both his own music and material from his friends.

These early works were under his own name Tom Mosler and he has since progressed to release with labels such as Hype Muzik, Equaliteq and Off Side. He is also known for his work as Tronikform and the Kicksomatic recordings label.

Tom Mosler on the web:

Catalog: WDR012
Released on Wednesday 6th of August
Written and produced by Tom Mosler
Artwork by Tom Mosler

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