Boxed Wax 001: Magnofon

March 18, 2015

Boxed Wax 001 Magnofon
We thought we’d do a new feature on WDR called ‘Boxed Wax‘ which will basically be a series of occasional Youtube playlists compiled by our artists. This will include their favourite records of the moment – records in their box, favourites and classics.

We kick off Boxed Wax with Magnofon’s selections ahead of his forthcoming WDR album ‘Smallroom Breaks‘. Magnofon’s taste in music is renowned for being particularly eclectic and his playlist is certainly testament to this, with seriously deep and moody slow house, jackin’ garage influenced sounds, Tech House and woozy jazzy stuff. There’s plenty to listen to – click on the image above to be directed to the Youtube playlist page then hit the shuffle button and let the beats play…

WDS #5 image


Our next long-overdue Warehouse Decay Session comes courtesy of label bosses Harry Towell and Fraser McGowan as their new recording alias Quiet Birds. The duo both come from an Ambient music background with Harry releasing as Spheruleus and Fraser working under his Caught In The Wake Forever. They formed Quiet Birds through a mutual love of experimental Techno and are slowly working on their début release.

In the meantime, they have sat down and compiled a list of some of their favourite records past and present which will loosely reflect their collaborative output as Quiet Birds. Things start off subtle and abstract with Ezekiel Honig and Mind Over MIDI, passing through the jazz influences of DoubtingThomas and Thomas Hildebrand before moving towards a tougher Tech House sound with tracks from Mihai Popoviciu and Junior Gee. The mix leans more and more towards Techno as things progress with Shifted and our own Tom Mosler and Hoxiun making an appearance.

To check out the mix, click the image above, or HERE

Wherever available, a direct link to listen/buy each release on Juno has been provided

01 Ezekiel Honig – A Closed Loop That Opens Everywhere [Type Records] 2011
02 Mind Over MIDI – Ancient Machine [Silent Season] 2014
03 Arcing Seas – Amniotic [Our Circula Sound] 2014
04 Polar Inertia – Antimatter [Unknown Precept] 2013
05 Acid Pauli – The Gap On The Grip [Other People] 2013
06 DoubtingThomas – Apikoros [Organic-Music] 2014
07 Thomas Hildebrand – Cold Sweats [Microcosm] 2010
08 Taron-Trekka – Radio Fligg [Brut !] 2009
09 Savvas Ysatis – On The Hook [Tresor Records] 2001
10 Matt Karmil – It’s Rough [PNN] 2014
11 Eric Ericksson – Love It (Oscar Offermann Remix) [Local Talk] 2014
12 Tom Mosler – Patterns [Warehouse Decay] 2014
13 Junior Gee – This Society [Something Different] 2013
14 Mihai Popoviciu – Blur [Popcorn] 2013
15 Rio Padice – Secret Spot [Popnorama] 2009
16 South London Ordnance – Sabre [Hotflush] 2014
17 Basic House – No Lotion (No F*ck L.K Mix) [Opal Tapes] 2013
18 Mike Dehnert – Single Action [Delsin] 2014
19 Literon/Ovatow – Permutation One [Frantic Flowers] 2009
20 Shifted – Cold Light (Sektor B) [Avian] 2013
21 Hoxiun – Lock [Warehouse Decay] 2013
22 Shifted – Contract 0 [Bed Of Nails] 2013
23 Jeff Samuel – HeB.GBz [Spectral Sound] 2009
24 Plural – E.M.P [6ONE6] 2008
25 Sven Weisemann – Spheric Wave [Meanwhile] 2007

New artist: Tom Mosler

July 24, 2014



After some warm, deep summer House music we’re now set to release our second EP of the year in the form of the minimal Techno sound of Tom Mosler. Tom’s Recall EP will be released on WDR on Wednesday 6th of August. You can find out more and listen to a sample below:

Press release:
‘Patterns’ is a three track EP for Warehouse Decay from Tom Mosler which is rooted in minimal, dancefloor focussed Techno.

Tom Mosler is a Polish electronic producer and sound designer currently residing in the United Kingdom. He has been interested in electronic music since the 1990’s and has been recording himself under various guises for over a decade.

Tom’s DJing has seen him play in many Polish cities including Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lublin, Szczecin and he also put on his own nights in Koszalin. In 2006 Tom began to focus on his own productions and live performances and the following year he started his own label Kicksomatic as a platform to release both his own music and material from his friends.

These early works were under his own name Tom Mosler and he has since progressed to release with labels such as Hype Muzik, Equaliteq and Off Side. He is also known for his work as Tronikform and the Kicksomatic recordings label.

Tom Mosler on the web:

Catalog: WDR012
Released on Wednesday 6th of August
Written and produced by Tom Mosler
Artwork by Tom Mosler