WDR promo mix



Regular readers and follows of our label will have noticed continued support from Mark Ryan‘s Amazing Beats show on Amazing Radio ever since we began back in 2013. Mark has regularly selected tracks from our releases since day one and included them in his shows, with a particular fondness for the work of Fau, Dokun and Magnofon.

Last week we knocked up a 30 minute promo mix and sent it over to him and straight away he put it on Friday’s show! It was banging out across the net and on DAB in London and Dublin less than 48 hours after we sent it – so fast that we didn’t get much chance to spread the word.

The good news is that the show has been archived and is available to listen to again by click HERE and at the time of writing it will be the most recent show. If you’re visiting and a Friday has passed since, then you should be able to catching it by hitting ‘More Shows’ and selecting Friday 1st of August. It will be archived for the next few weeks.

Alternatively, you can check the promo mix out aside from the radio environment by clicking the image above or HERE. We have uploaded the mix to Amazing Tunes where it can either be streamed or download for free…

The mix includes some material from our back catalog from artists such as USRNM, Magnofon, TwelveTen and Louper as well as some unreleased works. One such is a track from the forthcoming Recall EP from Tom Mosler which will drop this Wednesday 6th of August. We’ve also thrown forward a piece from an EP we’re working on behind the scenes – this is by German artist Christian Hoche who also records as Ajott. As you’ll hear for yourself this promises to be something very special indeed!